Social benefits

Bank Millennium Group employees are offered the same social and financial benefits regardless of the type of the employment agreement (for a definite/indefinite term) and the working time (part-time/full-time). The amount and scope of benefits depends on the employee’s life and financial situation. A private medical care plan is offered to employees employed for at least one half of a full time equivalent. The range of the plan varies for different positions.  [GRI 401-2]

Medical Care +

Since 2006, Bank Millennium has been cooperating with the ENEL-MED medical center. The center offers access to skilled medical personnel and contemporary diagnostic facilities to the employees of the Bank’s Group. The private medical care plan allows all the employees equally to have access to basic and specialist medical consultations, detailed diagnostic tests and prevention programs.

Additionally, there is an ENEL-MED medical practice operating at the Bank Millennium Head Office in Warsaw, offering basic medical care and outpatient assistance. Employees of the Bank’s Head Office in Warsaw may quickly and easily check their health condition.

In the interest of the health not only of its employees, but also members of their families, Bank Millennium negotiated as part of the medical agreement preferential prices for medical packages for the spouses, life partners and children up to 26 years of age. The scope of medical packages makes it possible to effectively carry out both health prevention programmes, and specialist treatment in the case of sudden illness.

The preferential prices of medical care plans have also been negotiated for retiring employees and for parents of the employees within the framework of the Senior program.

99%    of employees
                           covered by private
                          medical care

Medical Care
2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Number of medical partners 1 423 1 099 1 300 800 714
Number of towns with medical care 413 408 410 375 330
Employees covered by private medical care* 5 910 (99%) 5 924 (99%) 6 126 (99%) 5 941 (99%) 6 018 (99%)

* Employees on child-rearing leaves and unpaid leaves and employed for less than ½ FTE are not eligible for these benefits

Medical prevention

Every autumn, a nationwide campaign of vaccination against influenza is conducted with the participation of the Bank’s medical partners. Vaccination is organized at the Bank’s Head Office in Warsaw and Gdańsk – and in medical centers in Poland’s other cities.

Promoting healthy lifestyle


Bank Millennium is implementing the Millennium Active Zone program aimed at promoting physical activity among employees and developing knowledge about healthy lifestyle. Within the framework of the program, employees took part in team running events, relaxation classes, sports events and training workshops.

A number of events was organized in 2016 as part of this program.

  • Teams composed of Bank employees took part in the Corporate Run, The Color Run (Poznań, Warsaw) and Runmageddon.

  • A Health Week was held in the Bank’s Head Office in Warsaw, during which employees could take part in free relaxation exercises during their lunch break, afternoon fitness classes and weekend kayak trips. The participants received a healthy snack at the end of the exercise. The healthy lifestyle was also promoted through a cycle ofpublications in the Intranet. The Health Week was summarized by knowledge contests with prizes.
  • To help employees regenerate their strength, two musical concerts were organized during lunch breaks as part of the
    Millennium Rhythm project. During the concerts, employees were able to rest on deckchairs listening to live instrumental music.
  • To support healthy behavior and to provide comfortable facilities to those employees, who come to work by bike, some of the bathrooms in the Bank’s Head Office were fitted with showers.

Sport and recreation activities +

Bank Millennium Group’s employees are offered two types of sport and leisure activities: MultiSport pass which offers the employee unlimited access to sports facilities throughout Poland or cinema tickets. Once per two quarters, employees may select the activity of their choice.

MilleKlub is to promote among the employees various types of initiatives carried out in the form of sports, travel, cultural or art projects. The Club allows them to develop their passion; they may receive co-funding up to 50% of the cost of the project. Additionally, under Kids projects the employees may submit cultural and sports projects that promote spending time with the family.

35%  of employees used the co-financing from a MilleClub


MilleKlub 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Number and % of employees who used the co-financing 2 113 (35%) 1 535 (26%) 2 031 (33%) 2 746(46%) 2 722 (44%)
Amount of co-financing (PLN) 282 101 260 000 239 000 276 399 362 260

Cash Benefits and Loans for Housing Purposes +

Within the framework of social assistance, the Bank offers two types of benefits:

  • Hardship assistance – every employee of the Bank’s Group who due to a random event encountered financial, family or life hardships may apply for non-refundable financial aid.
  • Low-interest loans for housing purposes – granted for a renovation or finishing of an apartment, building or purchase of an apartment or a house or repayment of a housing loan.

These social benefits are also available to employees who retired or went on disability benefit immediately after the cessation of the labor relationship.

PLN 2.1 million  hardship assistance and loans to employees



Benefits awarded to employees
Benefits awarded to employees 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Hardship assistance
PLN amount 456 600 561 000 415 000 369 976 292 400
Number of employees 164 163 158 139 140
Loans for housing purposes
PLN amount 955 645 1 547 795 1 348 712 1 413 831 1 805 606
Number of employees 90 117 117 125 148



Life Insurance +

Employees may join a group life insurance on preferential terms. The insurance covers life and health of the insured and his/her family members. Six insurance variants are available so that everyone can match the offer to their needs.

Life insurance 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Number and % of employees who used the offer 3 344 (56%) 3 437 (57%) 3 239 (52%) 3 156 (53%) 3 044 (50%)
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