Internal communication

Employees may convey information, initiate discussion, share knowledge and experience using various methods of communication.

Employees may convey information, initiate discussion, share knowledge and experience using various methods of communication. [GRI 102-43]

MilleForum +

MilleForum is a social platform, which is used to promote the best business practices, exchange of knowledge and employee integration. Many expert articles are also published on MilleForum, which are the source of knowledge about products, service quality, sales techniques and cooperation with Clients.

Every employee may comment on the published texts, initiate discussion, set up thematic groups and ask questions to experts. On this forum employees may also present their ideas to streamline internal bank processes and to develop the product offering. The reported ideas are analyzed and the most interesting ones are implemented.

The platform is also used to conduct tests of the Bank’s products (e.g. the mobile app), receive requests and suggestions from employees on service practices or client needs. This contributes to a quicker introduction of improvements in the Bank’s products and services.


78%   Empolyees registered


 Milleforum 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Number of registered employees 4 681 (78%) 4 649 (78%) 6 091 (98%) 5 430 (91%) 5 183 (85%)

Online chats with the management staff +

Regular online chats provide an excellent opportunity to ask questions directly to the top management staff. In 2016, the Bank’s employees were able to talk to, among others, the Chairman of the Bank Millennium S.A. Management Board, a Millennium TFI Management Board Member and heads of the cash loan and mortgage loan areas.

This form of communication has been very popular: almost 500 employees took part in the chat with the Chairman of the Bank’s Management Board.

Świat Millennium Internal News Portal +

Świat Millennium (World of Millennium) is an interactive news portal. It publishes news on the Bank’s current projects and events, employee issues as well as educational and lifestyle articles. Every news item may be commented on or liked, which facilitates and speeds up communication between employees.

Knowledge exchange platform +

The Knowledge Exchange Platform is an internal communication portal for Corporate Banking area employees. The portal publishes current information and documents necessary to carry out the assigned tasks and to improve and broaden knowledge. The contents may help users prepare well for discussions and meetings with the customers.

Through the Platform, Corporate Banking employees can share their sales experience and best practices for customer relations, report any pressing needs and post opinions about processes and products.

Meetings with Employees +

Every year, two major information and integration meetings of employees are organized in the Bank:integration:

The Management Meeting of 750 managers from all management levels in the Bank Millennium Group. The meeting was devoted to the summary of the year 2015 and the business plans for 2016 and also offered an opportunity to reward outstanding employees.

The Bank Millennium Chairman Award ceremony was a major item in the agenda. The recipients included 9 people recognized for the excellent effects of their work, great commitment to the fulfillment of their tasks and a positive attitude in 2015.

Christmas Eve Meetings organized for all the Bank Millennium employees are an opportunity to talk directly to the Bank’s Management Board Members. In December 2016, 12 meetings were held in 11 cities, attended by over 3300 employees.


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