Multiple channels of contact with the bank

In addition to the traditional channels of contact with the Bank (branch, call center), the clients may choose from many remote communication methods.

We have been improving the operation of the available communication channels in accordance with the multi-channel concept, to ensure seamless changes of channels and a consistent experience regardless of the channel selected by the client to contact the Bank.

We are continuously monitoring all the messages from our clients, analyzing selected incoming calls to the dedicated helpline of the Millenet Internet banking system. We also invite selected clients to workshops and usefulness tests conducted with the use of the eye-tracking technology. All the analyses are used to plan the development of the Internet and mobile banking function.

Remote communication channels with the Bank

Direct messages +

This option is available after logging into Millenet. This channel is used to send questions about banking products and services, complaints and suggestions regarding the operation of individual functions of the system.

Contact form on the Bank’s website +

This option is used by clients to contact the bank without logging into the Internet banking system. The response time to messages is very short, usually 1 business day.

Online chat on the website and in the mobile app +

It is an assistance option for prospective clients to help them select an appropriate account; it is also used to present the account opening process.

Screen sharing chat (Virtual Advisor) +

An online chat with the option of sharing a screen with a consultant provides support to clients within a transaction system. A consultant may view the problem on the screen in real time and solve it quickly.

Push notifications for mobile app users +

Push notifications are used to inform clients quickly about new promotions, services or updates. Push notifications are displayed on the main screen of the device on which the app is installed. The new feature introduced in 2016 is transaction push notifications containing information about every transaction performed on the account or using a payment card.

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