Smart financial management

  • The Bank’s website contains tools designed to help the client select the most suitable product, such as a deposit comparison tool, or product parameters, e.g. a cash loan calculator.
  • Clients are able to manage their finance better thanks to the Financial Manager service available in the Millenet Internet banking system and in the app. In Millenet, a client may create a Savings Plan developed on the basis of the history of previous months.
  • In the updated application for Android and iOS systems, the clients are now able to view their investment funds, regular savings plans, investments and insurance products.
  • In both Millenet and the mobile app, clients are able to divide selected credit card transactions or the used card limit into Convenient Installments.
  • A vehicle insurance purchase process has been designed to allow clients to choose an offer that most closely matches their needs and the financial resources. Based on the data entered, the system will present the best TPL motor liability insurance bundles with the option of adding Motor Own Damage, Assistance, Accident and other riders. We have also introduced the option of dividing the annual premium into monthly payments without any additional cost.

[GRI G4-FS15]

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