Innovative solutions for customers

One of the Bank’s priorities is to provide its customers with a quick, convenient and intuitive access to financial services.

One of the Bank’s priorities is to provide its customers with a quick, convenient and intuitive access to financial services. We do achieve this goal by introducing a number of innovative solutions to our offering. The majority of new projects is developed on the basis of surveys and tests conducted among clients. We are listening to their needs and observe the changing habits, which are associated mainly with the developments in technology. We continue to develop new functions and solutions, while ensuring the top level of security.

Innovative solutions introduced in 2016

New functions of the mobile application +

In addition to the standard options, such as management of products, transactions or location of outlets and ATMs, the Bank Millennium mobile application offers a host of additional functions:

  • push notifications about transactions on the account and card operations;
  • application login using a fingerprint in the Android 6.0 system;
  • 3D Secure – a fingerprint approval of payment card transactions in the Internet;
  • contactless mobile payments using the HCE technology;
  • purchase of motor insurance products with the function of entering vehicle data by scanning a code from the vehicle registration book;
  • BLIK payments without a code.

Online cash loan +

The loan evaluation process has been shortened and modified using user experience. After completing an application available on the Bank’s website, the person applying for the loan may quickly receive a loan decision and information about the documents required to ensure the success of the process.

Access to public e-administration services +

As one of the first banks on the market, we have allowed our clients to access public administration services via our Internet banking system. By logging into the banking system, the clients may quickly access the ZUS Electronic Services Platform or file an application for a 500+ benefit.

Registration of SIM cards +

Clients with a pre-paid mobile phone cards may register their number in the Internet banking system, without a need for visiting the operator’s showroom.

European transfers +

We have improved the method of requesting transfers in connection with the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) regulations. When sending a European transfer, a client needs to state the IBAN account number only, just as it is the case for domestic transfers. No BIC/SWIFT code or the country code of the recipient’s bank are needed; they are completed automatically by the system.

Corporate Banking – new modules +

A few new solutions have been implemented:

  • a module allowing clients to attach and transfer documents required in the lending process;
  • possibility of importing payment orders to an XML file;
  • automatic creation of JPK_WB reports in the format required by the Finance Ministry in the Internet banking system.

Millennium Forex Trader - mobile version +

Millennium Forex Trader is a technologically-advanced tool that enables convenient access to the foreign currency market and foreign exchange transactions directly through the mobile app.

goodie buying platform +

The goodie buying platform collects information on discounts, promotions and the availability of new items. By using its knowledge of the clients’ needs and where and how they shop, the Bank has developed a tool to provide inspiration and ensure a pleasant shopping experience at good prices. The platform will make it easier to find the best deals online, in brick-and-mortar shops and in shopping centers. Goodie is a project executed by an interdisciplinary team composes of experts from many areas, in the form of an internal start-up.

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