Complaints management

In 2016, the Bank continued its complaints management policy focused on analyzing and eliminating the underlying causes for complaints. The priority was to strengthen positive relations with the customers, build a positive customer experience in the complaints process and to improve satisfaction with service within the process. To achieve these goals, the Bank focused on:

  • eliminating the causes for complaints based on the issues reported by customers (the Voice of Customer project);
  • building the best possible customer experience, among others by ensuring visual clarity of letters with responses to complaints, using simple and comprehensible language;
  • using information from the complaints process to improve processes and design products in the Bank.


Client satisfaction with the complaint process 2016 2015 2014 2013
Clients satisfied and very satisfied with the complaint process 77% 76% 72% 66%
% of clients that recommend the Bank 52% 44% 41% 36%
NPS ratio* 36 21 18 5

*indicates the willingness to recommend the Bank’s products and services

Building a positive customer experience

77% Clients
satisfied with the complaint process

The following improvements reducing the time to receive a response to a complaint were introduced in 2016:

  • An interbank initiative created and coordinated by Bank Millennium with the participation of 15 Polish banks, IT Card and Euronet caused a change in MasterCard and Visa regulations on the Polish market. Visa and MasterCard chargeback claim limits for withdrawals from domestic ATMs were reduced from 45 to 20 days. For the Bank’s customers, this change means that a response to a complaint will be received faster and the case will be finally resolved more quickly.
  • A new approach entails a quick conditional decision (made when a complaint is reported) for the incorrect ATM withdrawal transactions, which are complained about.

Complaint reports are forwarded monthly to people responsible for individual products and processes. This allows the Bank to analyze the quality of services it offers and to take optimization measures. The data on complaints about products and processes are also used

to analyze the KPI/KRI (key performance indicators/key risk indicators) and the effects of the entire complaints handling process are presented at the Process and Operational Risk Committee meetings and also at the meetings of the Supervisory Board Audit Committee.

Complaints filed
Complaints filed 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Number of complaints filed 43 807 43 188 41 696 44 738 48 177
Number and % of complaints handled in favor of customers 26 701 (60%) 24 866 (57%) 23 711 (57%) 25 067 (56%) 25 708 (53%)
Number and % of complaints submitted concerning privacy breaches or loss of customer data 339 (0.8%) 333 (0.8%) 365 (0.9%) 329 (0.7%) 277 (0.6%)

[GRI 418-1]

Complaints by category
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