Best ESG practices

The Bank’s activities are conducted based on best ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) practices. The Bank observes corporate governance principles, is a long-standing member of the Respect Index and reports on corporate social responsibility issues.

Best corporate governance practices

The Bank as a public company satisfies all the corporate governance principles described in the document Best Practices for WSE Listed Companies prepared by the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The principal standard included in that document is the comply or explain rule. It means that a violation of any of the principles described in Best Practices should be publicly announced by the company without delay, in the form of a relevant report.

Bank Millennium in the RESPECT Index


The year 2016 was Bank Millennium’s ninth consecutive year as part of the RESPECT Index – the index of socially responsible companies. RESPECT Index includes Polish companies from the Main Market of Warsaw Stock Exchange that operate in accordance with the highest management standards of corporate governance, information governance and investor relations and it also takes into account the environmental, social and employee-related factors. Companies in the RESPECT index have passed a three-tier review conducted by the Warsaw Stock Exchange and the Association of Stock Exchange Issuers in the areas mentioned above and an audit conducted by an external company.


Reporting on ESG issues

Bank Millennium was included in the list of the public companies with the best ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) reporting in 2016. The Bank was classified as one of the top reporting companies, both in the Main Market category and  in the Financial Sector category.

The analysis was conducted in the fifth edition of the educational project ESG Analysis of companies in Poland organized by the Association of Stock Exchange Issuers, EY and GES. The analysis covered 483 companies listed on the Main WSE Market in 2016. The study was conducted using the GES Risk Rating method, which involves an evaluation of environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance management systems based on publicly available documents and information about the company.

Results of ESG analysis for Bank Millennium:

Social issues +


Environmental issues +


Corporate governance +

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