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2015 Annual Report
a good year in challenging environment
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- Joao Bras Jorge, CEO

"Millennium Bank - chosen as the best bank with the higest quality service for customers"

Newsweek’s Friendly Banking Ranking 2015

Business segments

Deposits / Accounts / Clients



Awards and achievements

Nagrody i wyróżnienia

Neeweek's Friendly Bank
High quality of service confirmed with 3 ranking categories won
Jakość na bank
High standard of customer service in a branch
Service Quality Star
Bank Millennium was honoured with the prestigious Service Quality Star award
The best electronic banking for companies in Poland
according to the independent Global Finance magazine
Consumers's choice
The highest level of satisfaction and acceptance in the "Banking serives" category
Respect Index
Bank Millennium continues to be part of The Respect Index
CSR Silver Leaf
Bank Millenium was awarded the CSR Silver Leaf in a survey made by the Polityka weekly and Deloitte consulting company

Consolidated financial statement

Profit and Loss Statement

 (mln PLN)2015 pro-forma2014 pro-forma
Net interest income* 1.418,7 1.465,0
Net commission income  596,2 611,7
Other non-interest income ** 2,3 138,9
Operating Income 2.017,2 2.215,6
General and administrative costs -1.036,6 -1 056,1
Depreciation -50,4 -55,3
Total operating costs -1.087,0 -1.111,4
Net provisions -241,2 -265,5
Operating profit 688,9 838,7
Pre-tax profit 687,5 838,5
Income tax -141,0 -187,5
Net profit 546,5 650,9
Net profit without one-off charges 667,4 650,9

* Pro-forma data. Margin from all derivatives, including those hedging FX denominated loan portfolio, is presented in Net Interest Income, whereas in accounting terms part of this margin (PLN 10.9 million in 2014 and PLN 53.4 million in 2015) is presented in Result on Financial Operations.

** Includes FX results, results on financial operations (pro-forma) and net other operating income and costs.

(mln PLN)20152014
Net interest income (reported under IFRS) 1.365,2 1.454,1

Balance sheet

Cash and balances with the Central Bank 1.946 2.612
Loans and advances to banks 2.349 2.385
Loans and advances to customers 46.369 44.143
Amounts due from reverse repo transactions 0 156
Debt securities 14.056 10.176
Derivatives (for hedging and trading) 429 502
Shares and other financial instruments 230 10
Tangible and intangible fixed assets 218 213
Other assets 637 544
Total assets 66.235 60.740

Liabilities and equity31/12/201531/12/2014
Deposits and loans from banks 1.444 2.037
Deposits from customers 52.810 47.591
Liabilities from repo transactions 0 60
Financial liabilities at fair value
through P&L and hedging derivatives
2.477 2.020
Liabilities from securities issued  1.134 1.739
Provisions 31 99
Subordinated liabilities 640 640
Other liabilities 1.256 789
Total Liabilities 59.792 54.975
Total Equity 6.443 5.765
Total Liabilities and Equity 66.235 60.740


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