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1. Interest income

 01.01.2014 - 31.12.201401.01.2013 - 31.12.2013
Balances with the Central Bank 37.903 45.302
Loans and advances to banks 2.206 3.751
Loans and advances to customers 1.874.001 1.831.548
Transactions with repurchase agreement 29.137 10.749
Hedging derivatives 333.478 417.904
Financial assets held for trading (debt securities) 7.562 15.709
Investment securities 298.932 347.207
Total 2.583.219 2.672.170

In the line „Hedging derivatives” the Group presents net interest income from derivatives set as and being effective cash flow and fair value hedges. A detailed description of the hedging relations used by the Group is presented in note (17)

Interest income for the year 2014 contains interest accrued on impaired loans in the amount of PLN 70,922 thous. (for corresponding data in the year 2013 the amount of such interest stood at PLN 86,762 thous.). This interest income is calculated on the basis of net exposure amounts, which take into account the posted impairment charges.