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Personnel Policy

The Bank Millennium Group has, in place, its Human Resource Policy defining general rules and principles governing recruitment, evaluation, development and retention of employees. On the basis of this Policy and business assumptions, the Bank developed its HR Management Strategy to regulate all HR management areas including employment and remuneration.

The Bank Millennium Group attaches significant importance to HR Management quality, investing in both development and monitoring of this area.

Competences and attitudes represented by managers have decisive impact upon Staff management; hence the Bank attaches major importance to the quality of their work. The Bank takes a proper care for application of the best practices including, in particular, in the area of open and full communication with employees and provision of feedback to employees in their work quality. For several years, the programme „Managerial Academy” has been consistently implemented. Within the programme, in 2011 – 2013, managers participated in training courses to develop their leadership skills.

In the monitoring area, once a year employee satisfaction survey is conducted. Within the survey, several questions were defined to facilitate evaluation of managers’ performance quality in terms of human resource management. Furthermore, in 2013 an additional survey was conducted in the Bank Millennium Group to verify, exclusively, quality of management. Results of both surveys were presented to the Management Board, managers and employees. On the basis of conclusions drawn from either survey, action plans for a consecutive period were prepared.

Appropriate image of the Bank as an employer has major impact upon HR policy effectiveness. The Bank Millennium Group has, for years, focused on building its image of attractive employer. Since 2003, the Bank Group has been an active participant in labour fairs addressing needs of students and graduates from prestigious universities throughout Poland, where the Bank promotes various development programmes addressed to these groups of recipients. Since 2002, the Bank has been conducting the management competence development programme „People Grow”. During 2 years of performance, the programme participants have been given an opportunity to learn about various areas of the Bank operation. In effect of the rotation system and „training on the job” approach, they gain experience in various organisational units. Graduate students and graduates can take part in Expert Start-Up programmes. To these programmes, we recruit persons with specific professional interests in risk, process management, IT, and electronic banking (for more information about these programmes see: Social Responsibility Report). Since 2013, the Bank increased its active presence in social media.