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Market indicators and ratings

During 2014 Bank Millennium shares grew by 15.3% and it was second the best result among the biggest banks listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange (members of WIG banks). Only three banks recorded positive annual growth and entire WIG Banks index fell by 3.5%. During 2014 year total WIG index grew by 3.1% and mWIG40 index grew by 6.6%.

Evolution of Bank Millennium share price in 2014 versus main Warsaw Stock Exchange indices is presented below: 


Earnings Per Share grew during 2014 year by 23%, which caused that Price to Earnings ratio decreased to 15.2 despite growth of share price. At the same time, Price To Book ratio grew to 1.78 i.e. by 6% yearly. 

Market ratios30.12.201428.12.2013Change 
Price of Bank Millennium shares (PLN) 8,30 7,20 15,3%
Market capitalization  (PLN million) 10.069 8.734 15,3%
Daily turnover  – avg. in the year (PLN thousand) 5.911 4.097 44,3%
EPS (PLN) 0,54 0,44 23%
P/E 15,18 16,88 -10%
P/BV 1,78 1,68 6%


During 2014 there have been no changes of the two basic ratings of Bank Millennium, which are presented table below:

Long-term deposit rating/IDR BBB- (stable outlook) Ba2 (negative outlook)
National Long-term IDR A-(pol) (stable outlook) -
Short-term deposit rating F-3 NP
Viability rating / financial strength bbb- (no outlook) E+ (stable outlook)
Support 3 -