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Encumbered assets (CRR Article 443)

The following table presents information about the encumbered assets of the Group. For purposes of this disclosure, an asset should be treated as encumbered if it has been pledged or if it is subject to any form of arrangement to secure, collateralise or credit-enhance any on-balance-sheet or off-balance-sheet transaction from which it cannot be freely withdrawn (for instance, to be pledged for funding purposes).

As at 31 December 2014 the Group's used assets in order to secure obligations from following transactions:

  • Sales of securities with buy-back clause,
  • Lombard credit,
  • futures contracts on bonds,
  • derivatives transactions,
  • Guaranteed Monies Protection Fund under Banking Guarantee Fund,
  • Futures Settlements Guarantee Fund.

Encumbered assets, as at 31.12.2014, in PLN thous.

Assets of the GroupBalance sheet value of encumbered assetsFair value of encumbered securities Balance sheet value of unencumbered assetsFair value of unencumbered securities
Total assets 2.565.964   58.174.518  
Loans on demand 0   3.436.645  
Equity instruments 0 0 10.476 10.476
Debt securities 1.064.870 1.064.870 9.111.185 9.111.185
Other loans and advances 0   43.246.440  
Other assets 1.501.094   2.369.772  

Additionally, in the period from 31 December 2014 to 1 of February 2015 the Bank was obliged to keep on its current account with NBP an average balance of PLN 1 692 897 thousand (obligatory reserve).