Major awards and achievements


Bank Millennium has been recognised as the best and friendliest Internet bank in Poland in Newsweek’s “Friendly Bank – Internet Banking” ranking. The Bank’s move up from the 3rd place last to No. 1 in the current year’s ranking resulted from best scores in most of the evaluated categories: communication channels, operations channels, quality of service, customer acquisition and retention. In the overall ranking „Friendly Bank – Individuals” Bank Millennium took second place.


Bank Millennium has been ranked by Wprost weekly among “Medal-winning Banks” – top-scoring institutions in the Service Quality Programme. Best banks were selected on the basis of data about changes, which they implemented in the course of the last three years. The areas assessed were the banks’ offer, organisation and service time


Award in ranking „The best bank for companies” by Forbes monthly. With four stars Bank Millennium has been ranked second by Forbes Magazine for the best bank offer to companies. The Magazine assessed costs of service baskets offered to two typical clients representing SME segment as well as deposits and credits offered to them. Additional categories included: offer diversity and service quality.

global finance
Bank Millennium once again took the first place in category The Best Internet Bank for Clients and Bank offering the best service of deposits, loans and investment products in Central and Eastern Europe. Prizes were awarded by an independent financial magazine Global Finance.

rzepaThe Millennium brand is one of the “Golden Six” – a group of six brands, which attained the strongest value growth in the last six years. Over this period value of the Millennium brand went up from PLN 71.8 million in 2006 to PLN 531.2 million in 2012, which means a growth of PLN 459 million (639%). The annual ranking of the most valuable Polish brands was published by the Rzeczpospolita daily.

top markaFor the fifth time the “Press” magazine has announced results of a survey of the market’s strongest brands. Among financial brands Bank Millennium has been classified in the 4th place (as last year). During the 12 months surveyed (1 July 2011 – 30 June 2012) there were a total of 4257 pieces of information about Bank Millennium, with total advertising equivalent valued at PLN 195.3 m. The survey was based on an analysis of 280,000 publications concerning the assessed industries, which appeared in a thousand titles of national and regional press: national dailies, opinion-leading weeklies, business and specialised press, lifestyle magazines and tabloids.

parkietMacroeconomic Research Bureau of Bank Millennium was placed 3rd in the ranking of macroeconomic forecasters prepared by the Polish daily "Parkiet" after Q4 2012. After the whole 2012 the team of Bank Millennium was at 5th position in macroeconomic forecasts, which still is a very good position (in the ranking there were 23 financial institutions). In addition, we were placed 4th in the ranking of financial market forecasts (PLN, interest rates) after Q4 2012.

Dobre Konto

  • – Dobre konto took 1st place in ranking in the Active Customer with monthly inflows of PLN 5000 category and 2nd place In the Active Customer with monthly inflows of PLN 2500 category.
  • – Dobre konto at the top (ex aequo with 2 other personal accounts) in the ranking focused on Internet accounts as well as traditional accounts with access to e-banking.
  • – Dobre konto for the second time has won in the personal account rankings in the category Cheapest Account For "Mr Smith".
  • – Dobre konto has won the title of best personal account - coming up second on the ranking list of personal accounts 2012. Winners were selected from a group of 110 personal accounts from 33 banks. The ranking authors looked at cost of maintenance of the accounts, access to them as well as customer service.



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