Report guide

Welcome to the Bank Millennium Group 2012 Annual Report website. Here you will find all information about the Report. We have created the Online Report with a view to facilitating access to the company’s most important events and results in last year, using various navigation paths and dedicated functions.

Online Report tools



Building the Online Report we wanted it to retain all the characteristics of a PDF publication (and hard copy), however coming with greater user convenience. This is why each page of the Report provides access to dedicated tools. They include:


  • Highlighter – to highlight any part of the Report.
  • Page mailing cart – each of the subpages can be put in a virtual cart. The pages thus selected can then be downloaded in the form of a single file, or outright despatched to an e-mail address.
  • PDF – each subpage may be downloaded as a separate PDF file.
  • Print – each subpage can be generated in a “printer-friendly” format.
  • Personal notes – on every subpage the user can create his personal notes. Additionally all the notes thus created can be viewed, together with their respective subpages.

They will be saved in the browser’s memory and remain active until removed by the user from browsing history.

Integrated explanatory notes

One of the most important features of the Online Report is fast access to explanatory notes to the financial part of the Report. Each component can have a specific explanatory note assigned, which will open within the same page. Their full text is available in HTML format.


Interactive KPI

We have prepared detailed reports containing key financial data, indicators and business information. Anyone visiting the Online Report website can select the scope, period and method of data presentation of interest. These reports are also available in a dedicated Excel file.


Data analysis

To facilitate the process of analysing data we provide, all financial reports are available as Excel spreadsheets. In the “downloads” section you will find not only the Report divided into sections, but also a file with financial tables. Additionally each page of the website permits downloading tables, if they appear.


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