Statement regarding Principles of Corporate Governance applied in 2012

„Good Practices in Public Companies on WSE” adopted by the Supervisory Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange  constitute a set of Corporate Governance principles observed by Bank Millennium in 2012. Fundamental standard provided for by the above mentioned Good Practices is a principle established by the rule „comply or explain” i.e. the duty to publish information, in the form of a report, in case any of the principles described in Good Practices’ guidelines is not followed. The full wording of the Good Practice document is available at the WSE Web site and on the Bank’s internet site.

During the reporting period of the year 2012 Bank Millennium complied with principles contained in Good Practices in full.

Maintaining high corporate governance standards is confirmed by the fact that in 2012 the Bank continued to be listed in the RESPECT Index – the first in CEE index of socially responsible companies. As on 23 January 2013, the Index included 20 companies listed on WSE and operating of the basis on the best standards in corporate governance, information policies, investor relations and standards in the area of labour and social relations as well as environment protection.

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